Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is your server blacklisted?? Know here...

This would be a good sign that your server is being used as a relay.

ORDBhttp://www.ordb.orgOpen Relays
SBLhttp://www.spamhaus.orgSpam Sources
XBLhttp://www.spamhaus.orgCompromised Hosts
Sorbs DUHLhttp://www.sorbs.netDynamic IPs
DSBLhttp://www.dsbl.orgInsecure Servers

1 comment:

  1. hi,

    My emails have been bouncing back with the message, the my server is blacklisted on

    I have tried several times sing their site to get it removed, bust alas

    I looked up their phone no (1.5184411563)and just called them, the man (Ian Gulliver) who answered refused to help me and hung up. WHo gives these people the right to mess with people's email.

    I use and they provide very little tech support.
    appreciate your help. thanks