Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing - TechTrails

Dear Software Professional ,

So the rupee’s rising. Now why’s that causing sleepless nights for some software exporters? And hey, what’s the net impact on you? . Does this rise of the rupee present a great opportunity that could have far-reaching positive consequences ? What is the future of Indian IT industry ? What will happen when other low cost destinations for outsourcing catch up with India ? Will India sustain it’s cost advantage ? These are questions that impact your career and you need an answer on how and what you need to do to get ready for the next wave of Indian IT .
has the answers for you .

This is the only web portal of it’s kind that will help you as a IT professional or a student planning a career in IT to get ready for the future . Thought leadership articles , interviews with industry leaders , tips and tricks , white papers has it all . Besides you would get invited to free seminars and panel discussions on topics that would impact you .

Over time the would be a place for 3rd wave Indian IT professionals to hang out , exchange information , share links to their blogs , upload content that would be of benefit to all who are a part of this community .

Registration to is Free ! Rush and register yourself to Now !

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