Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ever put your CV on a job site?

McAfee Reports Recent phishing attempts have been targeting some popular social networking sites and jobs websites, such as and Due to the amount of personal and sensitive information which is saved there, they are very valuable to phishers. This data could be used to further target or spear phish individual victims by name and even work interests.

We have seen phishing attacks which targeted in the past. The latest target is another big recruitment site - Just like typical financial phishing emails, the Monster phishing emails have subjects including imperatives like “Monster customer service: important notice” or “Monster customer service: please confirm your data!”

But please do not be fooled! These are not from Monster at all!! phishing site phishing site

The phishing domain would appear to be hosted on a new UK domain with dns leading to a bot in Turkey. We can see from this phishing site, the phisher is mainly targeting recruiters for their logins and passwords. This would enable them to access hundreds or even thousands of job seekers’ CVs which often contain a gold mine of sensitive data. Other elements of the recruiters account could be useful as well.

The level of personal data on a CV is pretty high, and in the wrong hands outright dangerous. Be vigilant against unsolicited emails!


  1. You have to be careful where you post but never respond to email. Always go to the employment site directly. I have found lots of high paying jobs on reputable employment sites -

    I see 100K, 150K and 200K jobs

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