Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Rogue Security Product: Smart Antivirus 2009

Smart Antivirus 2009 is a new rogue security product and a near clone of AntiSpyware 2008

Smart Antivirus 2009

Smart Antivirus 2009 Home page

Smart Antivirus 2009 HomePage

Typical fake/Scare scan page

Smart Antivirus 2009 Scannerpage

List of sites used in this scam

Smartantivirus2009. com
Smartantivirus-2009. com
Smart-antivirus2009. com
Smart-antivirus-2009. com
Smartantivirus2009buy. com
Smart-antivirus2009buy. com
Smart-antivirus-2009-buy. com
Smart-antivirus-2009buy. com
Smart-antivirus2009-buy. com
Smartantivirus-2009-buy. com
Smartantivirus-2009buy. com
Smartantivirus2009-buy. com

1 comment:

  1. My machine was infected somedays back by Antivirus XP 2008, screenshots similar to Smart Antivirus 2009. Removed it successfully using Super AntiSpyware.....Pranjal