Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plenty of (IN)Secure Broadband Routers

SShh.....The Problem of Default Passwords for the Wireless Routers still exists in most parts of the country. The Mumbai terror attacks did bring in a concern for people using Wireless Networks and not have secured them. However, time and again I have been still snooping into the so-called 'Secured' Wireless Networks because the routers admin password is still set to default. Crazy !!

BSNL, the most widespread broadband provider, supplies its own ADSL Router which is been configured by the BSNL line-man. Since most of the broadband customers are not so tech-savy, they understand very little about the technical configuration done in the Wireless Routers.

YOU and I know that default configuration of the broadband router is insecure. We may be good guys, may be the bad guys too. The default login to the router's admin console via username: admin and password admin is very silly to get into the broadband connection. The encryption security or the password key provided has not much of security to be provided now.

3 things that I see from this point:
a) Can the end-users be educated about the 'french-latin' of router security?
I assume Success Rate as very low
b) Can the Internet Service Provider person configure a 'lockdown' version of Secure Routers?
I assume Success Rate as low to moderate
c) Can the router device manufacturers start providing warning messages if their devices are running on default passwords?
I assume Success Rate as moderate

Any comments are welcome !!

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